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Run That Back: The Roots’ ‘Rising Down’ Stands Above Other Albums In Their Catalog

Black Thought is at his best on the group’s 2008 album

The Legendary Roots Crew is, well, legendary. They have one of the most storied catalogs in rap but there’s something about Rising Down that gives it a small push over the other ones. A decidedly darker affair, Rising Down starts with an excellent mash-up of Black Thought, Mos Def, and Styles P. on a song of the same name. The album is a feature-heavy affair but Thought is never out of the spotlight. His “75 Bars Black’s Reconstruction” is still one of the most dazzling lyrical displays in all of rap. Black Thought is a monster and Rising Down is the monster at his best.

Songs to Rewind: “Rising Down,” “The Show,” “@15”

Songs to Skip: None

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