The Bridge .055: The More You Know…

…The more you owe

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The past two Fridays have been pretty tremendous. For anyone following my Instagram*, you’ve seen pics and vids from time spent at a three-part workshop at Tennessee State University, a local HBCU and my alma mater, with large groups of freshmen. To keep things succinct, let’s just say it has been as much a rewarding experience for me as (I hope) it’s been for students.

You approach these situations thinking you’re going to say some dazzling shit, gems they remember for lifetime. Things they’ll come back at repeat to you in 10–15 years and point to the words as gamechangers. What really happens is you have these small exchanges that provide them with rays of hope that all the toiling and studying their craft will pay dividends.

In return, they give you is more motivation to keep forging ahead. They reaffirm that kids still need models and guides to go by. People who’ve been in the similar circumstances to say “Hey, I found a way. Here’s how.” You have to keep clearing pathways so they won’t have to work as hard. So better opportunities lie ahead for them. The same things people did for you.

Because the more you know, the more you owe.

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