Stand And Deliver

“Start approaching tasks as if there’s no safety net”

This article originally appeared in The Bridge newsletter.

I officially became an old black man two months ago.

During my routine physical, my doctor told me my LDL cholesterol, which sounded like a foreign language honestly, were high and put me at low risk for heart disease. He tasked me with trying to lower my LDLs and set a follow-up for two months later.
 When I went back, all my cholesterol shit was down down. The doc asked me how and my reply was “like a champ.” The real answer is I switched everything. Cut back on fast food, switched to soy milk and refrained from adding cheese to sandwiches, started eating oatmeal and granola bars. Upped the pace and distance on my treadmill routine. Started guzzling water like it was going out of style. Still smoking squares and eating some candy, but God ain’t done with me yet.
 The truth is it wasn’t “hard” at all because there were only two options: either change or perish. Ever since, I’ve been applying the “two options” approach to other areas in my life. Do it or don’t. Do everything to succeed or fail. Life is filled with gray areas, but we tend to use that shit as a fail-safe. Instead, start approaching tasks and challenges as if there’s no safety net and see how much harder you go in order to meet your goals.

Song of the week: Veteran’s Memorial: A playlist tribute to Prodigy — It really didn’t take his passing for most rap heads to realize P was one of the illest, dating back to when he first uttered “I got you stuck off the realness.” But for anyone who needs a refresher or for those who just want to reminisce, this massive playlist is filled with examples of why there will never be another like The H.N.I.C.

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