‘Power’ Recap: Self-Preservation Is The Name Of The Game

The one where everyone looks out for their own interests

There’s something to be said for storytelling that blows up your narrative. We all knew Mr. St. Patrick would get out of prison and escape trial because we’ve seen tv shows before and know how they work. In fact, back in episode 1 or 2, it was obvious — just a tad — Angie would be the one to spring him.

But what makes Power the show it is isn’t the things that happen, but how they happen. “Don’t Thank Me” is the dynamite to ignite the season in earnest. Think of these first five episodes as a prologue; a way to reset the pieces on the board. More importantly though, it signals to us that anything goes now. I have no idea what’s going to happen for the rest of the season and that’s exactly the way it should be.

James is out of prison because the Department of Justice attorneys are a walking, talking, cuss show. Angie deciding the only way to clear her conscience was to throw herself on the grenade, followed by her coworkers blowing her spot about her relationship with James was a worse train wreck than the New York Knicks. And the exasperation on the face of the judge had to reflect the audience watching. How are people like this allowed to have jobs? Let alone jobs representing the United States freaking government?

It may not be the most complicated solution but it’s the right one and it’s been building since this whole thing started. Also, not for nothing, but James definitely lied under oath. He didn’t kill Greg but he’s killed people. I’m no lawyer, but perjury is a pretty big crime. Something we may want to keep an eye on.

Did Angie do it for love or to ease her own conscience? I believe her when she tells James she didn’t do it for him. Like she said to her sister, regardless of how she feels about him, this is what needed to be done. Her feelings played a part in the decision but not the part. Clearly she’s putting on a front for the man but there’s truth to her statement. We’ll find out just how much as the world turns.

*Side note, this new lawyer better be cool and mind his Ps and Qs and not Tasha’s. That’s all I’m going to say about that.*

Of course, we gotta talk about James getting his Michael Myers on right? Actually, it was more like something out of Evil Dead. That is the most intense he’s ever been and it was shocking. The blood was clearly boiling but I didn’t expect him to be covered in another man’s blood as a result. Seriously, look at this picture:

That’s a lot of blood. But to be fair, he did break a man’s head with a gigantic weight. Of course it was an eruption and he was pushed after having a terrible day in court, but it’s a great reminder of how dangerous he is. It’s easy to forget he’s a killer because we rarely see him get his hands dirty and when he does it’s with a gun. But this was was up close and personal, to the point where pieces of brain were hanging off his tank top. Now, because he went all horror movie on a guy who had it coming, he’s in Tony Teresi’s pocket, which doesn’t strike me as a particular nice place to be.

Right now Teresi just wants to reconnect with his son, Tommy, but come on, there’s gotta be more to it than that, right? Gangsters don’t die and since he’s neither chubby nor is he in Miami, there’s gotta be more to this.

But that scene illustrates a main theme running throughout this episode, in that self-preservation is the best kind of preservation there is.

  1. James acquiesces to Teresi to save his own ass.
  2. Angie takes the stand to ease her conscience.
  3. Tasha tells Tommy to keep stringing her best friend along to make sure she doesn’t snitch. Again, her best freaking friend.
  4. Tasha metaphorically gets in bed with Simon Stern (!) because the family needs money, even though she knows it’s going to come back to bite them in the ass.
  5. Dre…well Dre’s always been out for dolo.

Ironically, the only person who has one moment of clarity in the whole episode is Tommy, the honest-to-God psychopath. Him telling Tasha how he doesn’t like himself and isn’t capable of offering anyone love was a big moment for him. Tasha telling a man she considers her brother to squelch that honesty and go along with the front is…well, it’s heartbreaking. He’s in Chicago next week, which is sure to be fun for the whole family. I don’t know about you, but I’d watch the hell out of a spinoff all about Tommy’s road trip to the Chi.

Normally, the less said about Tariq the better, but it feels like we’re finally coming to the end of this tedious, black hole of a plot element. Jukebox is back and she’s ready to get to business. The intrigue is seeing whether or not Kanan has developed some emotions for James’ ungrateful spawn, but we know Jukebox won’t hesitate to kill him if he hesitates for a minute. Again, just be done with it.

With all the money he’s collected and whatever power — hehe — play he and Dre are planning, kidnapping money seems petty. Plus if James knew what we know, he’d tell them to keep the boy and send him pictures to make sure he’s dead.

But again, regardless how Kanan feels about the kid, he’s going along with the program because the name of the game is looking out for number one. Next week, we’ll get to see just how well that’s working out for everyone.

Loose Ends:

  • Angie walking out of the DOJ building was awkward and hilarious
  • Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of Proctor and John Mak. Jerry Ferrara and Sung Kang are great additions to the show and really help the storytelling
  • Die Tariq Die (And no, that’s not German for, “The Tariq The”)
  • Again, James perjured himself. Continue to let that sink in
  • So glad Tommy and James are finally going to know Kanan is alive because it was getting ridiculous
  • Poor LaKeshia
  • Poor Raina
  • Always good to see Paz back in full effect, especially when she’s in a take no nonsense mode

Marcus Benjamin is a danger to the public, an alum of American University, St. John’s University, a screenwriter, and has an intense relationship with words. Witness his tomfoolery on Twitter,@AbstractPo3tic.

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