Five Detroit Rap Songs To Bet On

Listen to new 313 heat from Nasaan, Poppa, Dusty McFly, Supakaine, Overlord Scooch and more.

While Detroit might not get the love nationally that other big markets get, the 313 is consistently bringing a lot to the table on the rap front, having offered numerous styles for decades. In order to help share the wealth, I’ve highlighted five notable tracks from Motor City MCs not named Big Sean and Eminem, who seem to be making waves just fine on their own.

Nasaan — “On Time”

Nasaan has been rapping for years, but the son of late, great Detroit ambassador Proof is just now pushing his way onto the scene. Youngblood’s first release is “On Time,” a sinister track that finds Nasaan flexing his melodic, direct deposit flow to pump up listeners atop a tasteful trap beat that’s right in his pocket. There’s no reason Nasaan can’t be next up and his upcoming project Silk should be interesting, to say the least.

Poppa — “R Kelly” Video

One of the more interesting new artists coming out of The D right now is clearly Poppa. After coming across his water-wading video for “R Kelly,” I became immediately mesmerized by everything about this dude. Off rip, he’s missing his front teeth and looks like he could be anywhere from 30 t0 60-years-old. He’s also shooting videos in a pond, off the side of the highway. More importantly, the song is dripping with sauce, using a timely bounce beat to serve up Poppa’s unbridled sing-rap flow and lyrics of love. The should-be breakout single is undeniably catchy, with or without the unneeded Kels sample and Poppa seems like he can fit any lane he wants. That’s not only admirable, but a great trait to have in 2017.

Dusty McFly — “Cut”

Fleez back! As one of Detroit’s youngest OGs, Dusty McFly is always offering that premier pack and “Cut” is just that. Produced by budding producer extraordinaire Jerry Parker, this bumping street single is a blueprint for making plays under the radar, with Duster using his pimp stroll slow flow to explain how junior players can keep ends up and heads down. Now, go add “Cut” to your top down playlist on Spotify.

Supakaine Feat. DaG — “Incense”

Looking to dodge the nonsense? Kick back and light some “Incense” from Supakaine. With his compadre DaG offering both a beat that could replace your lighter and a slick sixteen to bridge the track, Kaine’s new single offers nothing but smooth grooves, delivering an almost Tribe vibe that’s sure to raise some heads. Spark up, mane.

Overlord Scooch — “Pen And Pad” x Overcame Various Losses LP

From the sound of Overlord Scooch’s new Overcame Various Losses album, it’s clear the Doughboyz Cashout member is looking to carve out his own path. Every song on the 15 track project has lyrical depth and conceptual range, offering everything from bag talk (“Drug Overlords”) and weed anthems (“Like We Smoke”) to family rollercoasters (“Don’t Forget”) and relationship woes (“I Want It To Work”). Nothing is off limits. Moreso, the project sounds like vintage Detroit street rap — in the absolute best way possible — offering educated game over a variety of melodic beats.

My personal favorite is “Pen And Pad,” a stirring soul-tinged track about how rapping doesn’t pay the bills (and doesn’t need to), but always provides an outlet to unleash his more personal side. The song screams high end, but is offered in a way where anyone can value his money juggling problems.

Stream Scooch’s Overcame Various Losses impressive project in full below.