Sparklist: A Playlist Intro To Ludacris

Before he was ‘Fast and Furious,’ Luda ran the Rap game

To audiences around the world, he’s Tej Parker, the tech guy of Dom’s Family — which isn’t their actual name but may as well be. But to the rest of us, Chris Bridges will always be Ludacris. Luda came onto the scene in 2000 with the high school dance troublestarter, “What’s Your Fantasy” and nothing was ever the same. For the next eight years, Def Jam South’s inaugural artist released hit after hit for strip clubs, house parties, and anything else your parents wouldn’t want you at out of fear you’d come home with a newborn. If moms saw the things I saw that went on when “Splash Waterfalls” or “Phat Rabbit” hit, she never would’ve let me leave the house until it was time to graduate and even then, it may have taken some convincing.

Rappers never truly retire and even though the lure of Hollywood money is too much to resist, Chris Bridges still likes to remind us every now and then Ludacris is alive and well. The former radio DJ-turned rapper-turned actor’s catalogue is extensive but if you’re looking for a place to balance your “Luda” diet, this playlist is the best place to start.