PREMIERE: Jibreel Price Turns A Nightmare Into His New “Dreamin” Video

Watch the second visual from producer BEWARE’s ‘Woodward Ave’ LP, featuring rhymes from the Pontiac, Michigan rising star

When I created the concept for my Woodward Ave album, the goal was cohesive versatility. Sure, I wanted street-sweeping bangers and catchy singles, but I also wanted honest songs from the gut. That’s why I reached out to Jibreel Price for “Dreamin,” one of the project’s more open book offerings.

If you’ve seen us share the Pontiac, MI native’s 4u, Vol. 2 project, you already know the young gun speaks with no filter, in the most respectful way possible. Before diving into the video, read the backstory behind “Dreamin” from the man himself and see how Price used that candid approach to separate himself from the pack, atop the smooth, sax-laced production.

BEWARE: What was the inspiration for “Dreamin”?

Jibreel: My inspiration for “Dreamin” stemmed from a nightmare that I had prior to you sending me the beat and telling me about the compilation project you were putting together. The nightmare came about as I realized I had been in a deep depression for a year or two off and on, dealing with PTSD. This post traumatic stress developed as I had encountered so many traumatizing experiences, starting at a very young age growing up in this small city. From childhood friends being murdered to close homies going to prison to losing back to back family members from health issues. Life was such a blur. Not to mention, all this is happening while still pursuing my passion.

BEWARE: How did you get that heavy sense of reality across in the video?

Jibreel: Well I directed the visual myself, as I try to do all my videos. With the help of great videographers — Nate Nixen, RTS, and OG Fin. I got the message across visually by shooting this small film in my hometown, selecting certain areas to capture the picture I painted with lyrics throughout the song. As you can see in the video, there’s a lot of urban decay, abandoned schools, etc. The family scenes are the most important, because family is everything too me. I am one for bringing the city together, but can’t do it alone. Free Tank and Pooh! Two youngins from my city who just got caught up in a bad situation. The message I’m relaying is simple — if you have a dream, no matter where you’re from. CHASE IT!

BEWARE: What’s next on deck? How do you capitalize on the momentum?

Jibreel: Whats next from Jibreel Price would be more visuals! Visuals from 4u, Vol. 2 specifically, as I feel that project hasn’t reached its full potential yet. Currently, I’m locked in working on 4u, Vol 3. And a project with you (BEWARE) and ALLiTiZ. Just know that I am focused, and putting my foot on the gas. The 4StarZ crew, also has a variety of projects on the way. Do not sleep! #YAKistan is on the rise!

Stream “Dreamin” and the rest of Woodward Ave here. Or, listen on Spotify or Apple Music. Cop a hard copy here. Watch the video for “Woodward Ave” from Seven The General here.

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