London’s Geo Delivers ‘The Colour Of You,’ A Powerful New Vibe For UK

A new breed of musicians is redefining the London scene

Geo Presents — “The Colour of You”

The summer nights are getting shorter and colder but London’s latest crooner just dropped a project that will keep you glowed up well into the winter. After years of grinding behind the curtain, Geo’s The Colour of You positions the multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician as a break-out star from a city overflowing with movements and mavericks.

Imagine Sampha’s child had a baby with PartyNextDoor’s lovechild who played a dozen instruments, sang and could write stories of life, love, and heartbreak. That’s Geo.

On “Forever,” his new studio space invited weird sounds, ambiance, and vibes that turned into a moody mix that could sit between a Majid Jordan record and a Sade x Neptunes remix without skipping a beat.

“Mentally at the time, I was reflecting quite a lot on the idea of energy, loss and presence, for example, like when you’re with someone, and suddenly they’re gone, or they leave, but still being able to feel their presence, their energy, and I guess the effects and feelings of that”

A classically trained pianist, Geo has tried his hand in jazz bands, orchestras, and producing, the latter of which he started at 10 years old. Until recently, he was happy to provide musical direction for his contemporaries from behind the studio walls but “The Colour of Music” makes it clear within the first minute this kid was born to shine.

Hit him on social media and let him know which record you’re bumping as that flight descends into Heathrow…🛬

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