Six Detroit Rap Songs To Bet On

Listen to new 313 heat from RSXGLD, Nolan The Ninja, Royce Da 5'9", Payroll Giovanni, Lil Blade, A-Minus and more.

While Detroit might not get the love nationally other big markets get, the 313 is consistently bringing a lot to the table on the rap front, having offered numerous styles for decades. In order to help share the wealth, I’ve highlighted five notable tracks from Motor City MCs not named Big Sean and Eminem, who seem to be making waves just fine on their own.

RSXGLD — “Glow Cups”

If you haven’t caught wind by now, RSXGLD is comprised of Ro Spit and 14KT, two cats The Crew has supported for a long time. Now, the producer and emcee have combined forces for a new joint project called He’s The Driver, I’m The Shooter. “Glow Cups” is the lead single and also maybe the most cracking track off the tape, offering a 14KT beat so banging it will catch you off guard, anchored by effortless bars of casual cool from Burn Rubber Ro. Stream the speaker blower below and check out He’s The Driver, I’m The Shooter in full right here.

Nolan The Ninja Feat. Royce Da 5'9" — “Calisthenics”

What really needs to be said about a song from two lyrical beasts like Nolan and Royce, called “Calisthenics”? As expected, this shit’s a clinic. With anyone and everyone in their sight, these two different generations of 313 Hip-Hop level up together, flexing their mental worth side by side and putting on their hometown in the process. No stretching required. Nolan’s YEN project drops Sept 22. Pre-order here.

Payroll Giovanni Feat. Ashley Rose & Oreo — “Hoes Like”

As fans await the sequel to his Payface project, Payroll Giovanni hits us with a laced visual from the original, dropping off a clip for “Hoes Like.” The bouncy cut explains how demanding certain females can be, once their man starts to treat them better than they’ve ever been treated and Giovanni manages to turn that double-edged sword game into a concept video that fits his bouncy single really well — whether you can handle the intro or not. Cop Payface on iTunes, if you’re late to the game.

Lil Blade — “Homecoming” Video

“A young legend’s what they callin’ me/ a real boss is what she saw in me” With the entire city standing behind him, Lil Blade takes center stage in his new “Homecoming” video, showing how he does when touching down in The D. Over a beat his pops would have floated on, Icewood Jr casually stunts on fakers and phonies, paving his way for future success with every next step.

A-Minus & DaG Feat. Nolan The Ninja — “Money & Fame”

Some records just gives you the creeps and “Money & Fame” is one of them. First of all, DaG’s sinister, sample-based production leaves listeners on edge, throughout the whole song. Add no nonsense poetic prophecies from lyrical brethren A-Minus and Nolan The Ninja to the mix and this record feels like the fuel needed to withstand anything in your way to achieve your true worth . Clearly, the grind won’t be pretty, or easygoing. A-Minus and DaG’s joint project Get Mama Rich drops Oct 27th. Pre-order here.

Nardo Feat. Nostaljah —”sevenmilefree.” (Prod. By Blaaqgold)

Hailing from the west side of the city is Nardo, who brings a unique approach to his single “sevenmilefree.” Featuring a purposefully dreary hook from singer Nostaljah, Nardo’s loosie uses dusty production from Blaaqgold to deliver calloused street raps, emphasizing each stanza with his throwback slingshot flow. Nard doesn’t seem to have a lot of music out, so hopefully this is the start of something special.

Lastly, if you simply can’t get enough heat from the 313, check out Woodward Ave — a diverse compilation of rising stars and legends from Detroit, all over my production. Ten tracks. Read the backstory here. Stream below.

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