#CrewList: All The Songs You Need To Listen To For The Week Of April 1

New songs by Freddie Gibbs, Kendrick Lamar, Joey BadA$$ and more

Like we always do about this time, we’re back with our Crew List, a quick weekly wrap-up of new tracks worth giving an ear. The rap gods have smiled upon us the past few days with blessings from bar-for-bar guys like Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, Joey BadA$$ and more all delivering new material to soundtrack this weekend and beyond. The best thing you can do is press play and kick back or prepare to turn up. Either way, don’t worry about fooling with the player controls because we’ve taken care of hard part for you.

We’ve got your daily listening with our Spotify playlists under our username, StillCrew. Check for us.

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