BEWARE’s Block: Walking Distance

New music from JDAM, VADER THE VILLIN, Michael Christmas, Zac Flewids and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, BEWARE scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

JDAM — “Drive”

Dig through JDAM’s Soundcloud page or his YouTube account and you’ll see this rising rapper has plenty of gusto, dropping all sorts of energetic and personal cut on the regular. He’s even got a song about pizza, which is actually legit and well done. Amidst all this hotness from the obviously talented MC is “Drive,” a clear stand-out that offers next level flows, big budget production and intimate lyrics. Put the petal to the metal on the high octane affair below and see why doubling down on JDAM early is a safe bet.


The influences are quite obvious when listening to VADER THE VILLIN’s “Stone,” but I’ll be damned if this Burlington/Brooklyn/Mexico-based rap-singer isn’t cooking with fire on his sinister new single. Ignited by spooky trap keys and production Thugger would put into a coffin, VADER bombs the beat with explosive flows of his own, adding a vicious touch to the cut with his sharp, distinct delivery. This tune is definitely fit for a villain.

Jaiswan Feat. Cash Kidd — “Light” Video

Detroit is packed with tons of talent right now and one of the most potent cuts coming from the 313 is “Light” by Jaiswan and Cash Kidd. For all the aggressive, one-sided D boy tracks coming from the city, Jai’s crispy new video offers a downtrodden, warming and deeply personal approach that’s genuinely touching, but still manages to carry an edge. Plus, Cash Kidd always comes correct, but he sounds nice as ever on here, toned down a bit.

Michael Christmas Feat. Tobi Lou— “Not The Only One” Video

In his rather reckless new video for “Not The Only One,” Michael Christmas explains how even as we grow older and wiser, not a single one of us is perfect. Causing chaos through the Boston streets, the rising rapper flexes his everyman charm via a comical and honest portrayal of what’s it’s like to walk the shoes of someone who’s not taking life too seriously.

Zac Flewids — “Pains Me Greatly”

Zac Flewids knows how to deliver a song with bite. After dropping his high-energy firestorm “Double Condom” a few months back, Zac’s back to cut up on “Pains Me Greatly,” an equally mean new release from the rising Vancouver talent. Like his last release, Flewids not only delivers a tornado flow, but he uses intense vocal inflictions that are packed with emotion to truly drive home the twisted love story concept. The Zac attack is no joke.


DWN2EARTH’s new single “TLC” is like a tractor beam that sucks listeners in and never lets go. Press play and you’ll be absorbed by the ATL singer/producer’s cool, infectious melodies, as they braid the lush, lo-fi production and ease into your system like four lines in a double-cup. There’s no reason not to chase this waterfall of sound, so grab your suit and dive in.

Renz Young Feat. Elvisionaire — “Blackballers”

Trying to to turn up a neck-breaking, crispy traditional Hip-Hop jaunt and just zone out? Get right down to business with “Blackballers” by Renz Young and Elvisionaire. Featuring a stripped down soul beat, catchy rap hook and confident cool that never lets up, this ode to inspirational haters will help add fuel to any fire you’re looking to build.

B. Bravo Feat. Lauren Faith — “Starz In Your Eyez”

Steppers unite. B. Bravo and Lauren Faith are here to bring the groove to your Tuesday with “Starz In Your Eyez.” Featuring an unwavering bass groove, sly guitar, soft synths, raining chimes and a slight tickle of vocodor, this groovy tune is packed with the smoothest ingredients known to man and basically impossible to stay seated to. Hear this high-end jam and plenty more on Bravo’s recently released album Paradise, which you can fly away to in full via on Spotify and iTunes.

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