BEWARE’s Block: Inches To Spare

New music from Spacejam Bo, Rejjie Snow, Pell, Jaylien, L.A.Z, Supakaine, Omar Apollo and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, @BEWARE4 scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

Spacejam Bo — “Who Really Love Me?”

Ulterior motives can be hard to notice, but when you start seeing shady signs in people you keep close, wondering “Who Really Love Me?” isn’t out of the question. Spacejam Bo’s clearly feeling some type of way about his circle, as he uses this big and banging, singalong single to let phonies know he’s well aware of their behind the scenes moves and has no problem doing the damn thing all by his lonely if need be.

Rejjie Snow Feat. Pell — “Virgo” Video

Pell is always good for something original and his single with producer Rejjie Snow is just that. Watch the randomly awesome video for “Virgo” and see P’s bubbly feel-good synth hit, complimented by a glimpse into everyday life in Dublin, Ireland. Lots of buzz cuts, but even more bounce.

Jaylien — “Summer LOVE”

Tell your calendars to fall back, because “Summer LOVE” is stretching out the warm weather season. This polished new single from the versatile St. Louis singer/songwriter offers high-class heat with a snap-along mood that’s bound to get the two steppers headed towards the dance floor. Or, maybe even an open backyard.

L.A.Z. Feat. F Dot Lawless — “TGI Fried Daze”

As we wait for a new full project from Clear Soul Forces, group member L.A.Z. is keeping fans of the respected Detroit collective busy, with his new No Paperwork EP. The six song project is jam-packed with rich, layered raps, but the lead single, “TGI Fried Daze,” stands tallest. Featuring smokey, flute-laced production and an apt feature from F Dot Lawless, the record feels purposefully lonely and offers a somber mood that’s hard to shake.

Supakaine — “What A Feeling” (Prod. By DAG)

Confidence is evident as ever in “What A Feeling” from Supakanie. Sitting in the driver’s seat of producer DAG’s audible getaway car, the rising Motor City rapper cruises past his competition with ease, reveling in the never-ending open road ahead of him.

mindbody&beats Feat. Dyemond Lewis & Peter $un — “Ghost Stories”

You don’t have to believe in spirits from beyond to appreciate “Ghost Stories” from mindbody&beats, Dyemond Lewis and Peter $un. This stand-out from the Salt Lake City production crew’s new Between The Days EP actually feels more wavy than spooky, offering a mood that’s more suitable for doing dabs than startling listeners. Fine by me.

[DKO] — “Caffeine”

No one can ever have enough “Caffeine” and this new instrumental jam from [DKO] will keep you coming back too. Seriously, this breezy quick hitter feels like walking 100 dogs in Manhattan, with the biggest headphones on ever, not caring about anyone else on the sidewalk at all. EVERYTHING IS GREAT. DON’T TELL ME OTHERWISE. REPEAT.

Omar Apollo — “Brakelights”

Looking for your new turn down tune? Settle into “Brakelights” by Omar Apollo. This warming release from the emerging Indiana singer/songwriter is engaging as anything you’ll hear this week, offering open armed acoustic soul vibes that feel extremely fresh and organic, amidst so many artists looking to follow someone else’s wave. Omar might be special.

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