BEWARE’s Block: Possibly Not Made

New music from ProbCause, Sliim Bambino, Marquel Deljuan, Student 1, Femdot, James Gardin, Raveena, and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, @BEWARE4 scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

ProbCause Feat. Lembo — “Distractions”

Kudos to ProbCause for dropping “Distractions” at maybe the best possible time ever. With so much garbage information constantly inundating our conscious, pick a topic, an uplifting audible getaway like this is right on time. Fueled by a radical bass groove, Niles Rogers-esque guitar, and melodic raps from Prob, this record is pos as it gets. That rainy day outside? Forget about it.

Sliim Bambino — “WILCOX”

A great flow goes a long way. After you’ve been mesmerized by the opening bell melody from Sliim Bambino’s “WILCOX,” you’ll hear the California-based spitter reciting rhymes with an impressive precision, offering a welcomed edge to the already eerie instrumental that really helps the record level up. Consistency is the only thing holding Bambino back.

Marquel Deljuan — “Bills” Video

Straight up, “Bills” suck. Thankfully, Marquel Deljuan’s song dedicated to them does not. This single from the Arizona rap singer offers loose, jazzy vibes that are easy to relate to, specifically because the content is honest and down to Earth. That’s exactly how I like my artists and the reason why Marquel shouldn’t have a problem connecting with this feel good jam.

Student 1 — “I Need (To Stop Fucking Up)”

There’s something endearing about Student 1’s “I Need” record. Maybe it’s his never-ending, candid flow of thought. Maybe it’s his open book lyrics and witty jabs at any target in sight. Maybe it’s the extra tough beat that makes my shoulders teeter totter. Maybe it’s the obscure Rush Hour reference. Maybe the track is just a banger and I don’t need to explain any further.

Femdot — “happyoctober”

“In first class for the first time” After recently signing with Closed Sessions, Femdot is celebrating with the release of a new loosie, “happyoctober.” Warm at a glance, but cool to the touch, the free-flowing record finds the 22-year-old Chicago emcee exercising his pen atop soulful production, detailing all the things that keep him ahead of the curve. Spoiler: there’s a lot. Fem’s debut LP drops in 2018.

James Gardin — “Complaining”

Anyone with a day job has those moments, where the person next to them is “Complaining” so much, you’re ready to get up and walk right out the darn building. Hell, maybe you’ve been the complainer. No matter what side of the coin you’re on, James Gardin’s new single is here to help. Turn up this funky, pointed track and gain the perspective needed to bring your mood back to a more manageable state.

Raveena — “Sweet Time” Video

With so many tasks on our respective plates, humans intentionally rush through everything. Raveena is here to remind us taking our “Sweet Time” is typically the better option. Floating over bouncy, Neo Soul-style production, this budding NYC singer offers enchanting vocals to express just how good she feels when she’s given time to flourish. Make time, not excuses, people.

Tim Maiden — “So Far Gone”

Distant is the first word that come to mind when listening to “So Far Gone” from Tim Maiden. Dig into the lyrics and that makes sense though. From the stripped synth production to the somber singing, the all-inclusive record feels like Maiden had a lot to get off his chest with this broken heart-based record and probably had nothing left once the song was complete. That level of release is what music is for though, right?

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