BEWARE’s Block: Who’s Out There?

New music from P-Lo, Eso.Xo.Supreme, R.P. Jesus, Clay James, Clairmont The Second, PVRIS and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, @BEWARE4 scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

P-Lo — “The End” Video

Thanks to social media and heightened self-awareness, modern day love involves a lot of PDA. Hip to how sharing moments with loved ones can score points, P-Lo made a slick music video for “The End,” shot entirely from the POV of someone looking into their phone. While I typically hate when people are blatantly buried in their tech while out with loved ones, this video is dumb clever, well-executed and applicable as ever. Plus, the song is hit material, so hopefully the clip can help put it over the top.

Eso.Xo.Supreme — “Cut You Off”

There’s no denying the bounce of Eso.Xo.Supreme’s “Cut You Off.” By offering a vibe that’s not super sappy, pilled out, or aggressive — yet, still contemporary and accessible to most sub-lanes of new body trap, this rearview mirror love track is easy to vibe with and has potential to make Eso.Xo the next rapper whose name no one can pronounce.

R.P. Jesus (Nova Rockafeller & Tom MacDonald) — “PILLZ” (Prod. By GFBF) Video

The line between rap music and trap music is pretty clear. But, when does trap music no longer become trap music? Although “PILLZ” from R.P. Jesus feels like trap music sonically and has the same addiction-based lyrics, viewers will clearly pick up more of an alternative rock vibe when watching this low-budget but effective new video.

Oddly enough, the members of R.P. Jesus — a new duo comprised of championed, but slept-on underground rappers Nova Rockafeller and Tom MacDonald — are typically both more traditional in their rap styles. The couple’s new wave almost feels trendy, to be trendy….but I don’t think so. I actually think this is the most authentic thing they’ve put out. My guess is that when trap turned into alternative rock, they were more comfortable in their tatted-up skin than ever and decided to leverage the goth-based outlet to sing away their pains through autotune, like everyone else. Not my thing per se, but definitely catchy and well-executed, with lots of potential.

Clay James Feat. Landstrip Chip — “Visions” (Prod. By Deraj)

I’ve yet to hear a Clay James track I didn’t like. The latest single from Doggystyle Records’ ATL connect is a slow-rolling, rider record, fueled by bubbling live bass and somber piano melodies, allowing James to deliver yet another catchy record with purpose. With a such a solid track record, Clay needs to drop a full project stat!

Clairmont The Second — “The Road” Video

If you missed Clairmont The Second when I posted his track “44 Me” a month or so ago, don’t make the same mistake twice. “The Road” is the latest high-end visual from the rising Toronto rapper, offering a short and sweet glimpse into the life of someone who’s given up living in the past and strives to make every moment moving forward ideal as possible. Hear more of Clairmont’s impactful flow on his Quest For Milk And Honey project here.

PVRIS — “What’s Wrong”

With over a half million plays in less than a week, “What’s Wrong” from PVRIS is clearly not under the radar. For anyone not hip to the Massachusetts alt-rock band, this introduction should drive a stake right into your personal palette. The progressive group’s biting new single might start off like a wavy, surf jam, but once the pumped up vibe kicks in after about 30 seconds, blending with a dead series, stone-cold visual, emotions get riled up in the best way possible and everything feels right with “What’s Wrong.” Pre-order PVRIS’ upcoming album #AWKOHAWNOH here.

dwyer — “La Fenêtre”

Zone out music is always welcomed and dwyer’s new instrumental “La Fenêtre” definitely fits the bill. By combining drowned out vocal chops with compressed bass, soft drums, and a spiderweb of digital delights, this lo-fi sunbeam offers a charming bounce that evolves as the song progresses, using variation and unique sound mixes to set itself apart from the pack. Stream more summer vibes on dwyer’s full, seven-song Night Swim project here.

No No Yeah Okay — “What Can I Say” Video

Maybe I’m into underproduced pop ditties or maybe I’m just a sucker for love. Either way, No No Yeah Okay’s “What Can I Say” is getting burn on this end. Between the weathered vocals, funky bass guitars and driving dance drums, this new single from the WI-based alt-pop band is an audible getaway worth taking. If you’re willing to give it a chance, the love-against-all-odds-themed visual is great jump off. Look for more from NNYO when their upcoming Cabal drops later this year.

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