BEWARE’s Block: That Looks Great

New music from JUDGE, Clairmont The Second, Dreaded Cas, Krs., Atwood, Ivan Ave, Just Chase, and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, @BEWARE4 scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

JUDGE x Wax Motif Feat. Malcolm Anthony & Lil West — “Lessons”

With only a few more months left in the year of JUDGE, the rising KC-LA future producer dropped a new project called X, featuring five new collaborations with other producers. SO GOOD. While they’re all out of this world in their own right, my personal favorite was “Lessons,” a next level rap track with Malcolm Anthony and Lil West that switches gears like a Ferrari Testarossa, turning from a trippy trap jam to a straight up dance track on a dime. Slick AF. Stream below, then check out the rest of Judge’s X here.

Clairmont The Second — “Fo Myself”

Sometimes, making decisions strictly for yourself is the only way to move forward. On “Fo Myself,” the always enlightening Clairmont The Second uses his ambidextrous flow to flex atop gloomy, building production and express how he doesn’t need to lean on anyone to knock down walls. Next time you’re feeling yourself, add some fuel to your fire with this positive reinforcement heater.

Dreaded Cas Feat. League — “Put Yourself On”

One of my dopest artists I’ve discovered in the years of writing this column is Dreaded Cas. The ATL-LA rapper/singer/producer is massively talented, offering a versatile set of skills that’s both timely and unique. Her hustle has culminated in the recent release of her album Put Yourself On, a well-rounded ten track effort that features this choice title track. “Put Yourself On” is vintage Dreaded, offering cool, calm and collected raps that amplify her against all odds approach in an easy to digest manner that makes listeners wanna’ run the track back to back to back. Stream DC’s PYO LP in full here.

Krs. — “Get U”

Typically, the tunes we rock when cleaning the house or cooling on the front porch don’t require a sub to properly feel the mood. But, Krs breaks the mold. The Jamaican producer has flipped Daniel Caesar’s “Get You,” juxtaposing the rising singer’s caressing vocals against booming 808s and subtle trap drum details, then adding some pleasant guitar strumming to round out the sound.

Atwood — “Hush (Like That)”

On first listen, “Hush” by Atwood feels like it should already be dominating the charting playlists. Between the hip-swaying bass groove, jumping synth organ melody and easygoing cool from the Houston rapper, this track might as well be the new Amine single. For what it’s worth, I actually like it better than the new Anime single.

Ivan Ave — “Bike Lock” (Prod. By Mndsgn)

Love songs about riding bicycles have never been quite groovy as “Bike Lock,” by Ivan Ave. By combing his personable rap+singing style with Mndsgn’s lo-fi funk production, Ivan provides a casual vibe that’s warming and cool at the same time. Definitely a cruiser and not a ten-speed.

Just Chase — “Between Us”

Somewhere between Toronto-style R&B and Daft Punk is Just Chase’s “Between Us.” This dim-lit dance jam combines a familiar singing delivery with lavish guitars and a tight drum kit, offering a comfortable dance record that Aubrey or Abel would probably turn into a top 40 hit. Chase might do it him damn self though, because he sure nailed this one.

Sammy Bananas Feat. BOSCO & LaDonnis — “Gitcha, Gitcha”

Despite being so groovy, “Gitcha, Gitcha” from Sammy Bananas also makes listeners feel like a bad ass. There’s a built in strut to the medium-tempo dance jam that evokes a level of confidence certain people simply aren’t born with. That’s why you read this column though, right? Life-changing jams FTW.

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