BEWARE’s Block: C’mon, It’s Only Your Life

New music from Germ, Twondon, Brian Brown, dopeSMOOTHIES, Daz Rinko, Stro, Karl X Johan and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, BEWARE scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

Germ — “For the Win” (Prod. By Budd Dwyer)

Who’s ready to riot? If you’re not, don’t even bother turning on “For The Win” by Germ. Gassed by haunted house synths and murder 808s from producer Budd Dwyer, the amped MC offers another lyrical assault with no remorse, going on an audible rampage as rap’s young new super-villian, spewing vocal venom at anyone in sight. Blow shit up to Germ’s full BADSHIT (BOOTLEG) EP here.

Twondon Feat. Dessy Hinds — “Black Bar Mitzvah”

Not everyone gets a big celebration thrown in their honor for becoming a so-called man. On “Black Mar Mitzvah,” Twondon has his own coming of age gala, popping off atop triumphant piano keys that will make your face scrunch up in disgust. With Pro Era hitter Dessy Hinds riding shotgun, Don sounds confident as ever — which says a lot, because the kid always keeps his chin to the sky. L’chaim!

Brian Brown — “Cycle” (Prod. By Ron Shaw)

Sometimes the most somber moods can be covered up with a smile. That seems to be the sentiment behind Brian Brown’s “Cycle.” Despite featuring a cheery beat and cute, Bobby’s World-inspired artwork, the Nashville rapper is going quite deep on his stirring cut, stressing any number of things that may turn his happy go lucky world upside down in a matter of moments. Think of this one as a proactive reality check. Always needed.

Stro Feat. Marco Mckinnis — “From Me”

We’ve watched young Stro mature into quite a polished MC over the past five years or so and “From Me” is a true testament to his growth. Sitting alongside jazzy guitar licks, Rhodes keys and a thumping kick drum, the young man from Brooklyn explains how picking and choosing proper priorities is maybe the most important thing we can do. Certain fans will preach, ‘Now, this is real rap!’ about this record. They would be justified.


If you’ve been keeping up with this column, you know dopeSMOOTHIES has been releasing high end, zone-tripping jams for a few years now. Well, the rising Maryland rapper recently hit new heights with the long-anticipated release of his WAVERUNNER project. While there are numerous highlights and various levels to the tape, my personal favorite cut is “DOPECALL$,” a moody bounce features dS levitating atop booming, hypnotic production from HDBi and luring listeners in with his seductive delivery. There’s every reason to pick up this call. Grab a life jacket and on hop on dopeSMOOTHIES’ WAVERUNNER right now.

Daz Rinko — “Following Love”

Hopefully your crib has wood floors, because Daz Rinko’s “Following Love” is bound to have you sliding all over the place. As soon as the bass and drums drop at the 18 second mark, this driving dance groove incites immediate shoulder-shaking with it’s low key confidence and Daz’s deadpan delivery. Follow this one to the river and drink forever.

Karl X Johan — “Twisted Up”

Welp, I have to admit, Karl X Johan’s “Twisted Up” is probably my favorite joint on this week’s Block. Not matter how much tropical vibes might be played out, this record is all around perfect, offering an ideal tempo and tiptoe bounce that’s bound to lure in listeners like a tractor beam. Shoutout Makonnen for hipping me to this one via Twitter. I could actually see this being his song. Maybe Mak Mak should consider a cover? I’m here for that.

Felix Cartel — “Get What You Give”

80s and 90s babies inevitably remember the New Radicals’ wonderful one hit “Get What You Give” from 1998. It was the video with the REM lookalikes in the mall, remember? If not, listen to Felix Cartel’s recent remake, as the Canadian producer/DJ has flipped the alt-rock hit into a contemporary dance jam, styled with welcoming female vocals and lush house vibes that don’t feel overdone one bit. Even if you don’t remember the original, you won’t forget this classy update.

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