BEWARE’s Block: Buckled In

New music from Daebull, Moniquea, The Pheels, Joyner Lucas, Adam Reverie, Late June and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, BEWARE scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

Dabeull Feat. Holybrune — “DX7”

Dabeull’s “DX7” might be a year old, but this amazing dedication to a keyboard is new to me and unquestionably my favorite addition to this week’s mental juke box. Featuring sensual vocals from Holybrune and future funk that only gets better as the upbeat production builds, this high-end offering feels like stepping onto an electric walkway at the airport. Immediate life upgrade. I want to pump this through my veins for the rest of the week. Who’s with me?

Moniquea — “When You Are Away”

Talk about starting off with a bang. Before you press play on “When You Are Away” from Moniquea, make sure you’re ready to wear out the floor. Technically classified as modern funk, this hip-swinging jam is a straight throwback to the 80s electrofunk scene, breaking necks with a collage of vintage synth melodies, bare vocals and a catchy hook that demands attention. This party starter and more can be found on Moniquea’s upcoming Blackwavefunk album via MoFunk Records.

The Pheels — “The Realness”

While there’s seemingly a positive lean to the concept behind “The Realness” from The Pheels, a borderline creepy, trance-like undertone seems to exist on the otherwise fonky groove. The juxtaposition seems to be on purpose, signifying that by being quote-on-quote real you’re potentially headed into a scary place that may or may not be to your benefit. Layers, man. Layers.

Late June — “Tied to Our Words”

A good instrumental can stand on it’s own and Late June’s “Tied To Our Words” definitely does that. However, a great instrumental begs to made into something bigger and better. As much as a I fall for this mesmerizing beat each spin, every time I listen I hear about 20 different artists knocking out hit records over LJ’s tender vibes. This is the type of soundscape that makes a rapper stretch themselves further and be great. Who’s game?

Joyner Lucas — “Just Like You” Video

Not everyone has the same goals. On “Just Like You,” Joyner Lucas explains how he’s trying to avoid being another person who doesn’t give a fuck, refusing to use his time, money and energy on anything but leveling up. After years of grinding and gaining steam, Joyner is clearly ready to not only see new heights, but take full advantage of them.

itsMoosey — “Lonely” Video

Moosey makes music videos, seemingly on a whim. They’re not big budget, by any means, but they manage to convey his empty aura quite well. Que “Lonely.” The literally dark clip finds the Texas talent kicking cans through empty streets, waxing poetic about his broken circle. He does a lot with little, per usual and the result feels appropriate. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when he gets a budget.

Adam Reverie — “Passion” Video

Rev has been a beast for years now and his best qualities are on full display throughout his new video for “Passion.” Take a look at the Detroit MC stroll through the ruins of his hometown and you’ll hear him build listeners up with his amped energy, diehard mentality and overall dedication to his craft. When Adam says “Don’t ever question where my passion is,” you can tell he’s dead serious. Support Reverie’s movement on iTunes.

Wasiu — “MTLIEN” (Prod. By Tommy Kruise & Dear Lola)

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable in your hometown, you might relate to “MTLIEN” from Wasiu. Over jazzy, yet knocking, production from Tommy Kruise and Dear Lola, the Montreal rapper uses his always diverse stylings to remind everyone he fits in wherever he goes, no matter what anyone says or thinks — whether he’s in his Canadian homeland or outer space.

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