BEWARE’s Block: Singing In Silence

New music from Caleborate, Daz Rinko, Webster X, Roland Chuang, RETRO, XL Middleton and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, @BEWARE4 scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

Caleborate — “Soul” (Prod. By Lege Kale)

If you’ve been sleeping on Caleborate, the bass from “Soul” should knock some sense into your dome. The Stockton, California kid has released yet another A-plus personal rap track, touting out his goals on wax to fuel fans to do the same. His lyrics resonate because they’re real and not overblown, only to be driven home with level up low ends from producer Lege Kale, who is apparently a puppeteer with 808s. This the new jam.

Daz Rinko — “Black Boy Joy”

After dropping nonchalant house rap jams for the past few years, Daz Rinko is at the height of his movement on the title track to his new project, Black Boy Joy. Using the same slow-building, waiting to erupt production that’s continually been his calling card, the Memphis MC/producer describes how he makes a conscious decision to squash the negativity surrounding him by focusing on everything beautiful ahead of him. The song is irresistible and sets the appropriate tone for the rest of his brow-wiping, six-track EP. Stream Black Boy Joy in full on Spotify.

Webster X — “Everfeel” (Prod. By Elias Abid)

I wouldn’t call “Everfeel” from Webster X a case of, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them,’ but the Chicago native is definitely flipping some scripts on this simmering new single. The track is rich with emotion, finding X seemingly give up on trying to be different mid-thought, only to realize that’s the song concept in itself. As a result, the weight-shifting track manages to capture that same fuck it feeling xanny rappers offer, but with a bit more substance.

Roland Chuang — “mack w/ stripes”

We all have those songs that have become so played out, we never want to hear them again. Well, Roland Chuang has miraculously managed to bring Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack” back from my personal music graveyard with this amazing remix to the late 90s classic dance record. Laced with lush droptop basslines, ripples of Rhodes keys and the same unique UK-laced vocals that gave the original international appeal, this 100% fresh revision will inevitably breathe new life into an old classic for various generations — whether they know the OG or not.

RETRO — “G Like”

With so many rappers trying to sound like X, Y, or occasionally Z, hearing a “G Like” track from RETRO comes as a nice surprise. The latest single from this rising ATL-based rapper features perfectly-produced G-Funk production that sounds straight from the LBC, circa 1994. Thankfully, RETRO knows how to throw down a hustlers drawl atop the groove, tying everything together nicely to offer a smooth break from the current 808 bounce vibe.

Maka & Durkin — “Waterworld”

For all the blended rap-singing tracks trending up these days, Maka & Durkin’s “Waterford” feels especially wavy. On a cursory spin, it’s easy to think of this new release from the rapper/producer duo from Fools Gold Record as a worldly R&B jam or even a sample-based instrumental, but listen close and rhyme patterns start to emerge from the mist. By the time you learn the words, you’ll probably be soaked, because the groove makes your body loose as ever and paying attention to lyrics becomes an afterthought.

XL Middleton — “Enjoy The Ride”

Pasadena is home to one of the funkiest souls around in XL Middleton and if you’re not familiar with how the Modern Funk specialist gets down, simply “Enjoy The Ride.” This analog synth rollercoaster finds Mr. Middleton playing producer and vocalist, offering the goods to finesse any sound system in sight with a reminder to hold on tight. XL’s Things Are Happening album drops soon.

Fabrikate — “Your Grooves”

Sloooooowwwww youurrrr rolllll to thiiissss neewwww sooong frrooom Fabrikate. No, really “Your Grooves” puts listeners in a slow motion metamorphosis off rip, only to snap them back to reality with the big, boisterous hook. The borderline-instrumental is jolty, random, big, mean, smooth, kinda-EDM, kinda-instrumental Hip-Hop, and kinda awesome.

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