BEWARE’s Block: Out On A Limb

New music from 3 Roses, Aaron Aye, Jim Swim, SupaKaine, BOODAHDARR, STS, Chuck Strangers and more

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, @BEWARE4 scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

Aaron Aye — “Since 96”

You don’t have to be born on or after 1996 to appreciate the jovial vibe radiating from “Since 96,” by Aaron Aye. Atop choice horn chops and a groovy live bass, this young gun from Minneapolis effortlessly explains the struggles of his young come up. Using a versatile singsong delivery and the confidence of someone with a decade more experience, Aye explains how his wins far outweighs his loses, and the future holds nothing but potential. Agreed.

Jim Swim Feat. The Underwater Elephant — “Blue (I Just Wanna)” (Prod. By Bollywood Cole)

“I don’t know if I can shake this Earth, but I should work to share vibrations” Somber, traditional R&B…..mixed with somber, traditional Hip-Hop? What year is this? What the hell is going on here? If you’re ready for something atypical and a bit throwback, press play on “Blue” from Jim Swim. In just under four minutes, the Iowa City artist brings more mellow to the table than the majority of today’s popular rappers or singers could handle. If you’re looking to finally turn down, this is the record that may help you chill out.

SupaKaine Feat. Drey Skonie — “Bridges”

Next to Eminem dropping in November, SupaKaine is making a case for most anticipated Detroit project of Q4 with Scholastica Park. Not long ago we touted his extra potent “Incense,” then the hype follow-up “What A Feeling,” and now we’re getting a video for “Bridges,” his fire single with Drey Skonie. The clip is crispy, showing Kaine narrating a tale of trifling men and the women who no longer love them. SP can’t drop soon enough.

3 Roses Feat. Ollie Joesph — “You & I”

The truth is, the majority of relationships don’t work out. On “You & I,” rising artists 3 Roses and Ollie Joesph explain to an ex lover why they should’ve never given her time in the first place, using an easy-to-digest fast flow and eerie, expansive production to drive home the severance. Love routine spinning in circles? Turn this one up.

BOODAHDARR — “Due Time” (Prod. By Canis Major)

From the moment you press play on “In Due Time” from BOODAHDAR, it’s clear you’re in for a treat. Between Canis Major’s stirring production and BOODAH’s open book relationship rhymes, the record offers honest feelings about how certain people need their space, simply to get where they’re going. Using a flow that changes MPHs half-way through, the rising Milwaukee rapper explains how our better halves can’t be the priority, until our own goals take precedence. Facts. Cop BOODAH’s full Cheat Code album here.

Dutchboy — “Take Me Out”

One thing you can’t say about Dutchboy is that he’s lazy. Between his slept-on 2017 album When I’m Not Around, a steady stream of looses, and various instrumental drops, this MIA artist is a verified workhorse. Thankfully, he doesn’t get overwhelmed. On “Take Me Out,” Dutch uses a playful, easygoing approach to explain how competition constantly plots for his spot, but a diehard work ethic keeps him ahead of the curve. If Dutch keeps up the momentum, my man’s time will be right around the corner.

STS X Khari Mateen — “Better On A Sunday”

Why the hell is STS still working on a come up? Why do I have to pluck “Better On A Sunday” from relative obscurity to tout the excellence of an artist who’s been making great music for damn near ten years? Listen to Suga Tongue Slim’s new collaboration with Khari Mateen and you’ll hear an artist with a poetic delivery, one in a million voice, and an honest approach his peers are too afraid to offer. If being relatable is a crime, STS will be going away for quite some time afer releasing this touching video. Pre-order STS & Khari’s upcoming Better On A Sunday album here.

Chuck Strangers — “Fresh”

You’re probably familiar with Chuck Strangers’ production, but not necesarrily his vocals. Get hip via “Fresh,” the first visual from the Pro Era producer’s upcoming project as a front-facing artist. Watch the dusty, dust-rolling video and see Chucky bust crazy dope moves from various angles, dropping face-scrunching rhymes atop two completely different production styles — driving home beats that sound like international euphoria and dark alley dust ups, respectively. Chuck cleary ain’t no stranger to these bars.

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